November 27, 2008

Thankful Thirteen

In honor of Thanksgiving: Thirteen Things I'm Thankful for

1. My husband, who supports me and loves me. For being there for me, for understanding when I need 'me time', even when he doesn't understand it. For randomly telling me how much he loves our son, and for helping me through the hard times and celebrating with me through the good times.

2. My son, who makes my life amazing. He can win me over with just a hug after the hardest day.

3. My family - my wonderful mother & her awesome husband, my stepmom & my two younger sisters, my stepdad and his wife and kids, my in-laws, my cousins, my aunts and uncles. We are surrounded by so many caring people who support us and care a lot about us, and that's what makes life okay even when it's incredibly hard.

4. My church family, our wonderful Pastor, Tom and the other employees. My small group, who have been there with me while I learn and explore my faith, who provide an extra support for me when I need it.

5. My friends. My wonderful friend Amy, who is unbelievably caring and sweet, my friend Violet who is the yin to my yang, my oldest friends Sati & Xotchil who have been there through so much.

6. Our new president, who I believe will take this country to a better place. But by nurturing it, not killing it like the current president has tried his darndest to do.

7. My health. Despite some snags here and some oddities there, I am able to enjoy life as an able bodied, healthy adult.

8. My home. No matter how bad things seem to get, I have a roof over my head and food to eat, and for that I am Thankful. I've gone from 'that could never happen to us' to 'wow, I see that can happen to anyone', and I am thankful for what I have.

9. Bellingham. I love this city I live in, the way it makes me feel, the way I can express myself so much more easily here, and being closer to my Mother and Stepfather and Father-In-Law.

10. My blog. I am truly thankful for this outlet, this place I can express my creativity, my thoughts, etc. I am really thankful to those of you who read it and encourage and support me.

11. My faith - without out it I am not sure how well I could have endured the last year. It's so new to me, yet seems to have arrived just as I needed it.

12. Music. I love to sing, whether it's Jesus Christ Superstar, Plain White T's, Barenaked Ladies, Carole King, Worship Songs, or the Backyardigans soundtrack. Music fills people with hope and joy.

13. My Momma's Group.  I absolutely love the friends that I've found through my Bellingham Mom's Meetup Group.  Amy, our leader, is amazing, and she and her co-administrators do such a wonderful job scheduling playdates and outings and times for all of us moms to get out of the house with the little ones.  Not only that, but it's wonderful to have found a group where we can count on each other for babysitting when we have doctor appointments or emergencies, or just need a break.  They are generous and sweet, and have made my transition to life in Bellingham so much easier.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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Anonymous said...

Very nice list.

Anonymous said...

Your son is adorable! Look at those eyes. :-) I enjoyed getting to know you a bit through this list. It sounds like you have great family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet list. I'm not even sure where I'd start to count my blessings, but I have plenty. Glad you do, too.