October 24, 2006

My first (but surely not last) experience feeling like a mean mommy

The last two nights, Sam has been super-fussy at bedtime. He has not really wanted to be held and was wiggling about, and last night we finally got him to go to sleep by lying down in our bed with him. Tonight both of us were getting frustrated because he was so tired and would not go to sleep. So... we finally tried just letting him cry it out. We haven't done it before. He pretty much falls asleep in one of our arms (often drinking a bottle) every night. Since I'm a stay at home mom and Justin works at home, we don't have as much of a need for a schedule, so it hasn't been a problem. At our last pedi appt, the doctor suggested it might be time to try and start teaching him how to go to sleep on his own, but we didn't really see a need.

Anyhow, tonight after holding him for 20 min and starting to get frustrated, I just put him down in his crib and walked away. I went into the other room and started working on balancing my bank acct. He didn't cry for a few min, then started to cry. I put him down around 10:17 and he started crying at 10:19. He finally stopped and fell asleep between 10:40 and 10:45. I felt bad just letting him cry, but I don't want to fight with him to make him go to bed. It is hard though. I guess this is just the beginning of many experiences that I'll have feeling like a mean mommy. At least there are lots of other times when I get to feel like a really good one.

October 21, 2006

Happy October

Well, once again it's been too long since I updated the blog. At least this time I do have a really good excuse! It takes a lot longer, and it is a lot harder to settle in, when you have a baby to take care of all the time! Today Justin and I picked up the last 2 boxes and remaining food from our old condo. We are COMPLETELY moved as of today! Yay! It's so wonderful at the new house. We have so much more room and I am enjoying unpacking and arranging all of our things, even though it's taking a long time to get settled in. Today we took Sam to Tacoma so that he could go stay at his Grandma Deanna's house for the night. She'll bring him back tomorrow, and in the meantime I will work like mad to get things done around the house and catch up on things like paying bills, e-mail, and finally updating this blog!

This is the 2nd time that Deanna has taken Sam. Last time, a couple of weeks ago, she actually took him for 2 nights. It's so wonderful, it's been so helpful in letting me try to get things settled at the house. I like unpacking, but it's hard to have things packed and not know where things are for more than a month! He has done great away from home, and does great sleeping and napping at other people's houses, which is wonderful. I am so glad to have that flexibility with him. Speaking of sleeping, Sam is actually getting back to normal. His patterns got a little bit interrupted by the trip and then coming home to a new house. But he is getting back on track. He's currently sleeping from between 9:30 and 10:30 each night until around 8:30 the next morning. He usually wakes up once or twice during the night and just needs his pacifier back and a pat on the back to get back to sleep, and I think that soon he'll be sleeping through the night no problem. He sleeps and naps in his crib most of the time now, although we have not yet tackled getting him into his crib while he's awake and having him fall asleep on his own. Since his current schedule works pretty well for us, I don't see any rush in this area.

I am still immensly enjoying being a stay at home mom. Lately I have spent most days at home with Sam, just hanging out, playing, and sometimes napping with him. Of course I have to get out of the house by myself once in a while, but it also is fun to take Sam shopping or to the playdates that usually happen every week or two with other moms that I know.

I can't believe that it's almost been six months since he was born. He is developing into a wonderful little boy. He still has the most blonde hair ever, and it just keeps getting longer! People ask me when he's going to have his first haircut, and my initial response is - never! But really, I don't want to cut it right now, it's adorable. So, he probably won't be having his first haircut for a while. Maybe when his hair starts to block his vision. Ha.

He's rolling over all the time now, and wants to crawl badly. He can't really do it, but every once in a while, he does manage to scoot a few feet, which is very exciting. The next big milestone I'm looking forward to is seeing him able to sit up by himself! I can't wait to be able to sit with him and play, and for him to be able to sit in a high chair when we go out. He's out of his infant seat because he got too long for it, but he's not able to sit in the high chairs, so we usually end up taking his stroller into any restaurant we go out to eat at.

We acutally took his high chair out of the box at home recently. It's wonderful because the seat has 5 positions and reclines back, so he can sit in it now even though he can't sit up by himself yet. It's shorter than I thought from looking at it before, but it ends up being about the same height as our dining room table, so I guess that's good. He likes it - the other day he sat in there while we ate dinner at the table like normal people! We haven't done that in a while since at the condo we were using the dining room table as a desk for Justin.

Sam is also eating regular food now. It's a little earlier than what the doctors recommend (6 months), but he is so hungry - he was eating every couple of hours - so we decided to start him on the baby food. He loves it. He will gobble up a whole container at a time! We haven't been very consistant about it so far, but some days he'll eat it twice. Also, if we catch him before he starts to get too tired, we like to feed it to him mixed with rice cereal before bed - that definitely helps him sleep through the night! He likes most flavors, although peaches and bananas are probably his favorites. The only one he's completely rejected (we tried twice) so far is peas. And who can blame him really?

He still loves bath time and splashing around in the water. He's 'talking' a ton now, and he's been drooling like crazy. He's had teething symptoms for a couple of months, which is normal, but now you can actually see teeth shapes in his mouth beneath his gums. He's been drooling and chewing a ton in the last few days, so we might actually get a tooth sometime in the near future!

Our next doctor appointment is in a couple of weeks on Nov 2, so we'll have an update on his height and weight then. I am always quite amazed at how much he's grown. It also means more shots, which is yucky. Hopefully he'll do all right - he did okay last time but it's a little bit heartbreaking to have to hold him while they stick him like that.

Everything else is going pretty well. Justin is still enjoying working at home, and I love having him around the house. My little sister Maggie is doing well - I got an e-mail from Susan that said that she is up to 11 pounds now! That means that she has almost doubled her birth weight in only 3 months. What a champion! I have not seen her in over a month and miss her, so hopefully I'll make it up to Bellingham to visit soon. The other bit of super-exciting news in my life is that my good friend Brie is pregnant, and found out at 20 weeks that she is HAVING TWINS! Holy cow! I am so excited for her, I can't even believe it. We went to her baby shower a couple of weeks ago in Bellingham, and they got tons of cute stuff. I don't get to see her enough, but I get to keep up with her on HER babycrowd journal (http://www.babycrowd.com/jr/online/brieshon/), which I check every day for updates. I can't wait to meet her little ones in December!

Well, my back is getting sore from the computer chair, and I have lots of stuff to run around and get done while Sam's not here, so I'll end this here for now. I'm going to go to the photo album now and post some new pictures, so check them out!