November 2, 2007

Such a big boy!

Today is 18 months from the day Sam was born. I can't believe it's been a year and a half already, and despite any challenges, I have loved it. I just can't believe how big he's gotten - I took some pictures yesterday that really make him look like a little man.
He's getting so tall - I notice mostly when he starts to be able to reach things he couldn't before! We'll find out how big he's gotten exactly at his 18 month checkup next Friday.

The other night Sam ate his whole dinner sitting at the dining room table in a regular chair. I made his food and asked if he was hungry, which is what we always ask before a meal and he goes over to the table. Well, this time when he got there he started trying to climb up in the chair. So, I put him in the chair thinking he'd sit there for a minute then I'd put him in his high chair. But no, he sat there and ate his whole dinner, even ate off the plate and didn't try to dump it or tip it over. Wow.

It's not a huge improvement, but he's getting a little bit better at listening. At least most of the time now in the driveway when he starts to head for the street if I tell him to stop he listens to me and turns and looks at me. I know he understands that he's not supposed to be in the street or parking lots without holding a hand, but that doesn't mean he doesn't fight against it! He's getting really good at going down the stairs. He still holds a hand for support, but I think soon he'll figure out how he can do it on his own.

Sam has the best smile. Here's one of my favorite recent pictures, one of Sam and his daddy. Happy half birthday Sam!